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01/2023 Meetings & Events

    January 2023
    Date Event Type
    January 3 SHRM Board Emergency Meeting Meeting
    January 26 Q1 Enhanced Membership Webinar for SHRM Board of Directors Meeting
    January 27 SHRM NMI Chapter Board of Directors Training Meeting
    February 2023
    Date Event Type
    February 2 SHRM Affiliate Management Portal Meeting
    February 8 SHRM Board Meeting Meeting
    February 23 Alternatives to the USCIS CW-1 Visa Meeting
    March 2023
    Date Event Type
    March 2 SHRM Board Meeting Meeting
    March 10 Updates from the CNMI Department of Labor (DOL) Meeting
    March 28 SHRM Board Meeting Meeting
    April 2023
    Date Event Type
    April 19 IQ2 Enhanced Membership for SHRM Board of Directors Meeting
    May 2023
    Date Event Type
    May 12 Leveraging Personality Type in the Workplace Meeting
    May 16 SHRM Board Emergency Meeting Meeting
    June 2023
    Date Event Type
    June 21 SHRM Board Meeting Meeting
    July 2023
    Date Event Type
    July 10 FranklinCovey Leadership Forum Conference
    July 20 SHRM Board Meeting Meeting
    August 2023
    Date Event Type
    August 3 Legislative Updates Meeting
    September 2023
    Date Event Type
    September 7 SHRM Board Meeting Conference
    September 27 Pregnant Workers Fairness Act (PWFA) Webinar Meeting